Monday, November 20, 2006

Skating in Indianapolis

Yestarday I went for skating with raji and sathya & family. To my suprise everyone was doing pretty well. I guess it took me atleast 3 sessions to reach that stage .....Kudos to all of them.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My First College basketball at UIUC

Yestarday I went for a basketball tournament at the Assembly hall (Thanks to Tim for free tickets !). For some reason the games I go to the home team wins ...I don't know if that is by coincedence or by Luck. The Illini wons by a margin of 20 points (75-55). I have some pictures from the game .. but it was taken during the half time and I could get only the photos of cheer leaders ....ofcourse that is not by coincedence !!!!!

Sea Slug in My LAB

These are candid pictures of Aplysia californica commonly known as "sea slug". Our lab does work on these animals ...which are considered to be wonderful models for neuroscience research ( in lay man's words ....models for understanding how learning and memory formation happens at the molecular level !). Evidently, this has earned a noble prize for Dr. Eric Kandel.